WineToppers, a special blend of porcelain, unbreakable!! 

WineToppers Basket.jpg


A WineTopper is a thoughtful complement to that customary gift of wine for the host/hostess!  What a wonderful way to commemorate an evening spent with friends.  WineToppers are miniature works of art and have already attracted a number of collectors.

WineToppers were developed in 1993 by Lily Kusmik.  Each WineTopper is individually formed and painted then fired over 2000 degrees.  Quality and durability are crucial to our process.  For the body of the WineTopper, we use a special blend of porcelain that is beautiful ... and unbreakable!! 

WineToppers are guaranteed to last for a lifetime.  The cork is reinforced with a wood dowel to give years of service and the porcelain is unbreakable.  Cork replacement is made free of charge upon request.


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This selection of WineToppers has not yet had a stopper attached.  You can choose any one of the three options.

  • Natural Cork   The cork has been custom drilled so that a dowel that is anchored in the porcelain Topper is imbedded in the cork making it last for years to come.  It is so reliable that I can give a lifetime guarantee for replacement at any time for any reason.  Out of 10’s of thousands sold since 1994, I get back no more than 10 per year.
  • Chrome Cone   This style of stopper has gained in popularity.  It is a very reliable option.
  • Chrome Teardrop   This is the newer version of the Cone.  Many people prefer it for its uniqueness.

Please allow 2-3 days extra S/H time to allow for the glue to dry.