“To dance is to spring from the hand of God” and there is such a dance in the hands of an artist working with clay, said Paulus Berensohn of Penland School of Craft, Penland, North Carolina.

Lily Kusmik, of Meadowview, Virginia, creates the dance by communicating her internal spirit through clay and porcelain; hand forming, hand finishing abstract figurative work with the same inspiration that Paulus Berensohn advocates.  “Working with porcelain tapped into my heart in indescribable ways,” she says. 

Kusmik’s work in the early 70’s began with the reading of Berensohn’s book Finding Ones’ Way with Clay and created her own unique way of working with porcelain, which she encourages you to touch.  In this she is very much like a folk artist developing her own technique and way of forming the clay, without formal education in the work.

Lily Kusmik dances with clay, and especially "on toe" when working with porcelain.  She is one with her material and fires it with her spirit and imagination. Lily Kusmik is an artist who gives her all to blending and tempering the spirit and technique of her work.  Each piece has been born with uplifting brilliance and meant to be touched.